Finding the positive

Psalm 139:14 says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. That includes white people. God did not make a mistake in creating us white, with our skin color, and our culture. We believe that God can redeem white people, and that the Holy Spirit is very much at work in white America.

This affirmation may sound strange to our ears. Unfortunately, as we often grow in awareness of racism, we become ashamed of or feel guilty about being white. Jesus wants to lead us forward in freedom and humility, not in shame. In this blog, we want to use “Acts 17” eyes… in Acts 17:26-27, Paul quotes and affirms Athenian poets, at a time when Athens is mostly pagan. He expects that the Spirit is helping Athens (and all ethnos) to seek God. We use the same lens as we look deeper into white America. How can we build bridges and affirm? To use “Acts 17” eyes is to practice good missiology, assuming that God has been at work before we arrived.

Co-written: Paula Harris and Doug Schaupp